FB Subscribers ONLY Deal

FB Subscribers ONLY Deal

$50.00 USD $100.00 USD

Double Your Value! Choose your Poison!
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Mystery Bags packaged LIVE on Facebook for FB Fan Subribers ONLY!
If you're not subscribed you do not qualify for this purchase.. however you can still make the purchase and immediately subcribe on FB to keep your order.

Subscribe here for $10 a month and buy as many bags as you like :)


I'ma put all my feelings in your box, It's a Box Filled with Mystery Pieces of Cosmetics, Brushes and Makeup Tools.
Please keep in mind, you can not pick what's inside!!! 
Start Small or Go Big.. you decide....
Take a gamble  

1. Place your order for whatever amount you wish doubled.

2. Once you order... Take note of your ORDER#

3. Message us on FB with your order number and a List of things you would like included in your order.
https://www.facebook.com/thepinkmakeupbox/  (Message us here)
List Example: Mascara, Dramatic Lashes, Nude/colorful/glitter Eyeshadow palette, Primer, Glue, etc. I will choose random mystery items for you based off your list, your budget and what I have in stock. Please note, you won't always get exactly what you want. IF you want exact items, please shop elsewhere, mystery bags are not for you.

4. Like our FB page and turn on your notifications so you can be alerted of when I go Live to package orders.

5. Make sure to watch if you want your order packaged Live right on Facebook!

I try to go Live every night.. I will take some nights off. Whenever I decide to take the day off, I will make a post letting you know.
I package orders in sequence by order number. If you are not present when your order is called, you will be placed on the "Skipped" list. You will then have to wait til the next Live packaging. After 3 attempts and I am still unsuccessful at reaching you while Live then I will have to package your order without you being Live with me. At this point a complete Mystery box/bag will be sent to you without your input.
Please remember the Facebook Lives are only for the sole purpose of making it fun and exciting for you and also gives you the chance of choosing "some" of the items being sent to you.

Some of the Brands I carry are Gerard Cosmetics, LA Girl, LA Colors, JCat, BeBella, BeautyCreations, The Pink Makeup Box, Italia Deluxe and more.. NO High end brands so you can get more for your money. I also have wigs, jewelry, glasses and hair extensions. All wigs are Premium Synthetic so you can apply heat to straighten them or curl them.

WARNING: Sometimes eye shadow pots/palettes may come damaged due to the post office mishandling the packages... if this happens to you and couple shadow pots are broken please use alcohol to repair them. If this sounds like something you would not be ok with, again please do not order from here. I'm giving you half the order for free I will not be exchanging or refunding any damaged products provided in the mystery bags due to post office mishandling the package.
Thank you for understanding.

$10 Flat Handling Fee will be subtracted from the total value while packing your order LIVE on Facebook.
This Fee is not charged if you don't wish to have your order packaged on Facebook. Please note, you can only help choose the items that go inside your box if you accept the $10 Fee. Otherwise, "Mystery" products will be chosen for you and shipped to you. Thank you.